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Family Retreats for families and children of all abilities fostering wellbeing and health from the inside out.


Fun and engaging nature playgroups for children of all ages and abilities.


Supporting parent and students of all ages to live a happy, healthy and confident life


More than just another playground

Free accessible and challenging outdoor playgrounds are on the rise across Australia and it's exciting more than just the kids. Giving children opportunities to engage in outdoor play is a big deal and this is why.

Our Projects

Rasing Happy, Healthy, Confident and Resilient children is important for all of us. At The Play Project we are on a mission to create a world where every child has access to free, fun, safe and challenging outdoor play spaces.

Rewards Chart

Do you get frustrated that your child wont go to bed, or worse…… you finally get them to sleep, then they wake up and don’t want to go back to their own bed?

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