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Stuck on an OT waitlist? Trouble getting out of the house?
Want more from your child's OT experience?

Therapeutic activities that feel like play developed by OTs to support your child in building their skills in the home environment.

Therapeutic activities that feel like play developed by OTs to support your child in building their skills in the home environment.

Designed with your goals in mind
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Developed by occupational therapists

All of our programs are developed by our experienced team of occupational, behavioural and speech therapists.

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Includes toolbox of adaptive resources

Our programs all come with a toolbox of adaptive resources to support implementation of the online program at home.

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Delivered direct to your door

Our programs are easily accessible. Your toolbox is delivered to your doorstep; and the online program is housed on the Teachable platform.

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Self-paced & self-guided online program

Our programs can be completed at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, allowing for a flexible & adaptable skill-building experience.

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Aligns with NDIS goals and measures outcomes

Our programs are designed with common NDIS goals in mind and include an outcome report upon completion.

Skill development on your own schedule

The Play Projects OT At Home programs have been designed by a team of Occupational Therapists to address everyday functional challenges experienced by neurodivergent children in a way that is accessible and can be utilised across settings by all supports to maximise the potential for outcomes to be achieved.

Research tells us that regular practice, repetition and opportunity for generalisation of skills across various settings is imperative for development of skills in our neurodivergent children.

​​This is something that can be difficult to achieve solely through traditional 1:1 therapy appointments, which is why our OT at Home programs sit complementary to our traditional models, adding another layer of support and learning for participants to access.

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Creative Handwriting OT at Home Program


Creative Handwriting OT at Home Program

The Creative Handwriting program allows children to embrace their creativity while learning and integrating key handwriting skills. With over 80 guided videos across 3 modules that cover the entire alphabet, this program is designed to support children in improving their handwriting, fine motor skills, attention to table top tasks, and confidence and self-esteem for learning tasks.

Online Program includes 3 key modules that cover the entire alphabet:

  • Module 1: Form Drawing
  • Module 2: Letter Writing
  • Module 3: Body Integration

Price -  $386.00 (2 Therapy Hours)

NDIS Funding for OT at Home

Our OT at Home Programs may be available for purchase with NDIS funds (capacity building or core).

As an NDIS registered provider, we are really mindful of the operational guidelines and reasonable and necessary criteria. We provide Outcome Reports for each of our programs to ensure that participants are measuring and reporting their progress.

The activities included in each toolbox align with evidence-based practice regarding the benefits of learning and skill acquisition through play.

Each activity has been specifically chosen to work on a range of skills to ensure the benefits of the program for a wide audience of participants.

Use the OTAH NDIS Goals Guide to identify which OT At Home Program is suitable to support your child in achieving their goals. 

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OT at Home Benefits

Benefits of our OT At Home programs may include (but are not limited to):

  • Improved gross motor skills through repetitive practice using games outlined in the program
  • Improved fine motor skills 
  • Improved executive function including planning, organising, sequencing and time management 
  • Improved social skills including turn-taking and waiting 
  • Improved language skills including recognising facial expressions, emotions and non-verbals in others, asking questions, following instructions and giving instructions
  • Improved co-regulation and self-regulation skills
  • Improved imaginary and creative play skills including ability to initiate tasks independently 
  • Improved self care and self management skills including independence for daily routines and household tasks
  • Improved relationships with family members and/or peers including practising of skills for effective teamwork, communication, turn taking, mediation, and discussion of shared interests


How to Order

Our OT At Home programs are available to order directly through our website.

Our NDIS Goals Guide helps you to choose which programs align with the participants' NDIS goals and age.

Our programs can be purchased using NDIS funds; capacity building or core. You can pay via credit card or an invoice. Choose these options at the checkout.

How to place your order

Step 1:
Go to our website and explore our programs.

Step 2:
Click “Learn More” to find out more about a program and then “Add to cart” to purchase.

Step 3:
Click “View cart” once ready to purchase and then “Proceed to checkout”.

Step 4:
Complete the checkout fields, choose a payment option and click “Place order”.


After Checkout

Your Service Agreement
Your service agreement will be emailed to you to complete. If you are NDIA managed, this is required to process your order.

Your Invoice & Payment
Your invoice will be emailed to you or your plan manager to pay. If you are NDIA managed, we will process the claim once your service agreement is completed.

Once payment is received, your order will be processed within five working days.

Online Program Access
You will receive an email with your online program enrollment through Teachable and your toolbox delivered to your door (tracking details provided).

Explore our Programs Below

Each program includes at least 5 different modules for skill building and upskilling your child and their support.

The Play Projects participant enjoying the Lego Program
Lego Program

Focuses on developing executive function, language & communication, and motor planning & sequencing skills while engaging through play with Lego.

(3 Therapy Hours)

The Play Projects family enjoying brushing their teeth as part of the OT AT Home Routine Program
Routines Program

Designed to help children create healthy habits so they can move through their days with a greater sense of self-management and independence.

(5 Therapy Hours)

Boy sitting on yoga mat participating in The Play Projects OT At Home Yoga Program
Yoga & Mindfulness

Designed to help children and their supporting adults learn simple techniques for emotional regulation and stress/anxiety relief.

(2 Therapy Hours)

OT At Home Bundle
OT At Home Bundle

Our Most Popular Value Bundle includes 4 OT At Home programs plus a bonus Indoor Play Resource Program which is only available as part of the bundle.

8 Therapy Hours (save 2 therapy hours)

Child writing in his The Play Projects Mindset journal
Mindset & Wellbeing

This program sees children develop awareness of underlying mental, social, environmental and emotional factors affecting daily life and
develops a positive mindset to manage those factors.

(2 Therapy Hours)

Piping icing onto a cake during CakeMasters OT At Home cooking program

Designed to develop executive function and motor skills while enjoying the process of planning, making, decorating, eating and sharing delicious kitchen creations.

(2 Therapy Hours)

Online Package Gardening

Designed by our OTs & horticulturalists to fill your child with the wonder of nature, whilst helping your child develop their motor skills and executive functioning.

(2 Therapy Hours)

TPP Online Package Covers_Handwriting
Handwriting Foundations

This strength & endurance based program guides children through the process we use for our in-person intensive handwriting programs, to implement at home with your child.

(5 Therapy Hours)

Creative Handwriting

The Creative Handwriting program allows children to embrace their creativity while learning and integrating key handwriting skills

(2 Therapy Hours)

Online Package Creative
Creative Play

This program encourages creativity whilst helping your child develop fine motor skills, hand strength and executive functioning.

(2 Therapy Hours)

Online Package Cooking

Designed to spark joy in the kitchen whilst helping your child develop their motor skills and executive functioning, and enhance safety and hygiene awareness.

(2 Therapy Hours)

Online Package Outside
Movement and Outdoor Play

Designed to inspire fun by getting the kids outside in nature and developing their motor skills, endurance, social play and executive functioning.

(2 Therapy Hours)

Preschool children participating in The Play Projects Ready for School program
Ready for School

Designed to help equip children with the skills they need to start school strong. The program works on developing muscles needed for functional school skills from the inside out.

(5 Therapy Hours)

OT at Home FAQs
What people are saying about our programs

“ SOOOO HAPPY with himself!! 5hrs over 2 sittings & he accomplished this!
Mr Will really struggles with attention & patience so this was a massive achievement for him!”

“ The boys had fun cooking a chocolate slice”

“ Honestly - these programs are amazing! Thank you so so much”

“We hope these programs bring some joy and excitement into your homes”
Kait - The Play Project

Do you have questions about our OT At Home programs?

If you have any questions regarding the OT at Home programs please contact the The Play Projects* at [email protected] or 1800 953 761.

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