With the easter break and the school holidays fast approaching many parents can feel the dread of that unstructured time and how to keep the kids ‘entertained’. Now, I am all about less is more when it comes to entertaining kids as I am a big believer in the need for them to entertain themselves, learn how to deal with being bored and how to trigger their natural creativity that is hiding away inside of them.

However, for children who are not used to entertaining themselves without technology this transition can be really difficult. For parents trying to break the technology dependence developing cheap, accessible activities that can be done at home from the comfort and safety of the backyard can also be tricky.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding lots of new ideas and activities that are not only healthy, active and fun for kids, but simple, cheap and easy for parents too.

Our First activity has come about after a recent outing with my boys where I discovered that they had no idea where food came from. In their eyes food comes from the Supermarket, and whilst I can understand their reasoning on this, it made me sad that they were missing this basic knowledge. Our backyard is not big enough to build a full garden and my husband reminds me regularly that I often forget to put the bins out or water our herbs, so that watering a veggie garden may not be a strong point for me at this stage of my life. Despite this it is still on my 2018 bucket list. But for now I have decided to make do by teaching the boys how to grow carrots in jars (indoors or outdoors) for a start.

I came accross this great blog that shows you how and I love the idea of the glass jar as it allows the kids to see the process unfolding.

Check out the blog here. or click the image below

If you are keen for your kids to get out in nature and to get there hands dirty check out our upcoming school holiday camp, OT intensives or nature playgroups

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