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Watch the Routines Masterclass Below

Need More Support?

After watching the Routines Masterclass, you might feel that you need additional support in creating and maintaining routines that work for your family.

We created our Routines OT at Home Program for exactly this purpose.

OT-developed strategies to increase your child's

Ability to Self-Regulate and Develop Skills for Independence

The Routines OT at Home Program is designed to help children create healthy habits so they can move through their days with a greater sense of self-management and independence.

With a number of mini projects and routine-building exercises, this program allows children to both understand the importance of routines and how to create and stick to them.

For ages 4-20

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The Importance of Routines?

Often we're looking for big solutions to help our children manage their personal challenges. But one of the most effective solutions is perhaps one that we overlook and underestimate: daily routines!

And while it may seem to be a simple solution on the surface, creating and maintaining routines that work for your family is a bit of an art. Our Routines OT at Home Program provides an easy-to-follow framework to allow you and your child to discover the right routine for you.

Key benefits and outcomes of the

Routines OT at Home Program

This Program has been created by our team of occupational therapists to:

  • Provide a structure that allows kids to regulate emotions, reduce feelings of anxiousness and boost independence.
  • Cultivate a sense of inner calm and confidence in children at home
  • Create healthy habits that can grow with your children over time.
  • Establish expectations and assist with self-management.
  • Offer stability in times of uncertainty and stress.
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Routines OT at Home Program

Ready to build routines that support your child's ability to self-regulate and develop independence? Click below to learn more.