Proven Techniques For Building Routines that

Create Calmer Days & Happier Nights For The Whole Family

About The Routines Program

The Routines OT at Home Program is designed to help children create healthy habits so they can cultivate happier, more peaceful mornings, afternoons and evenings.

With a number of mini projects and routine-building exercises, this program allows children to both understand the importance of routines and how to create and stick to them.

This Program has been created by our expert team of occupational therapists to:

  • Provide a structure that allows kids to regulate emotions, reduce feelings of anxiousness and boost independence.
  • Cultivate a happier home for the whole family.
  • Create healthy habits that last a lifetime.
  • Establish expectations and manage behaviour.
  • Offer stability in times of uncertainty and stress.

For ages 4-20


5 (6)
1 (8)
3 (7)
4 (5)

Key Goals & Benefits

1 (4)

Utilise a variety of supports to assist in development of routines.

4 (4)

Develop healthy habits for daily living through routines.

5 (5)

Develop self-confidence and independence.

2 (4)

Improve task autonomy and self regulation.

3 (4)

Support executive function.

What's In The Box?

The Routines OT at Home Program comes with a range of supports and tools to help your child create healthy habits and daily routines.

  • Guided routine practical activities
  • Routines journal
  • Facilitator guide
  • Auditory-based assistive technology
  • Routines support tools such as magnetic whiteboard, markers and magnets
  • Planning tools
  • Habit building tools

*Note: box contents can vary.

Routines Whats in box