In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of spending time in quite a few primary school classrooms across our region and I have loved seeing teachers adopting flexible learning principles and experiencing the benefits of open plan teaching.

What I have also noticed is the high number of children with incorrect pencil grasp or of more significant concern not forming letters correctly. In our jam packed curriculum the importance of developing these foundations for writing correctly is often overlooked. However, the implications for future learning can be signifcant.

Correct letter formation and writing forms the foundation for creating neural pathways that are essential for reading, memory, visual skills and higher neural efficiency.

Once a child is in grade 1 or above correcting pencil grasp or incorrect letter formation becomes very difficult as the habit is already deeply engrained. Hence, learning these skills correctly the first will ensure you create a solid foundation for future academic development.

Check out our simple video based helping with handwriting program or our downloadable letter formation booklet for a fun approach to developing these important academic skills.

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