Not sure what to feed your toddler? Toddlers and meal times isn’t always easy, but I think we can unknowingly create habits that make it harder for ourselves than it needs to be. Check out this great article about what a healthy day should actually look like for kids and see what you notice.

I know my boys would eat bread, dairy and fruit all day if I let them. But the actual recommendations are quite low. So often I find that children’s range of foods increase when we go back to basics like this and stick to the guidelines around bread, dairy and fruit as i’m sure most of us notice ourselves. The more we have of these foods, the more we crave. I know if I have toast for breakfast it takes a lot of discipline to stop after the second piece.

So when we over indulge our kids in these foods of course they don’t want veggies.

NOTE: The Raising Children’s Network is a great trusted resource backed by The Royal Children’s Hospital. I highly recommend that parents check out this website first before googling a topic as much of what can be found on the internet lacks an evidence base.  

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