Children’s Retreats

The Play Projects Therapy Services are now offering children’s retreats. Based in Waghunyah our child friendly property adjacent to the Murray River State Forest offers a relaxed and engaging space for children to have a break from home in the countryside whilst continuing to practice their social, community participation, play and daily living skills.

Who can access our retreats?

Children aged up to 18 years.

What will my child do during the visit?

Activities are customised to your child’s needs and goals.

  • Therapeutic play-based programs
  • Developmentally-appropriate activities
  • A fun and structured program
  • Take opportunities to develop social skills and independent living skills

Our School Holiday Retreats include:

  • Making and keeping friends
  • Independence in daily living skills
  • Strategies to help regulate emotions
  • Increased organisational skills and problem solving
  • Tools to support healthy daily routines and habits

How long can I stay?

Our retreats are designed to suit your family’s needs. You could come and stay for:

  • A whole day
  • A few nights
  • A couple of weeks

Our School Holiday Retreats range in length depending on the goals and needs of the participants.

Need more information?

Please contact the play projects team Email:[email protected]
Telephone: 0439485500