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Routines Masterclass with Kait Cummins

This complimentary class dives deep into the inner workings of your child's brain to reveal the importance of routines for their overall development. Plus, you'll learn some effective strategies to create and maintain routines that increase your child's ability to self-regulate and develop skills for independence.

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The Importance of Routines?

Often we're looking for big solutions to help our children manage their personal challenges. But one of the most effective solutions is perhaps one that we overlook and underestimate: daily routines!

And while it may seem to be a simple solution on the surface, the science behind the way a child's brain and body perceive and process information reveals that routines are a crucial element in raising healthy, happy and confident kids.

Kait Cummins, OT and founder of The Play Projects, shares eye-opening insights on:

  • Nervous system and sensory system regulation
  • Sleep
  • Choice and control
  • Transitions

...amongst other important topics relevant to child development and supporting our children to feel and operate at their best.

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About Kait Cummins

As an Occupational Therapist with 15 years' experience and a mum of 4 young children, Kait is well-versed in creating strategies that help parents raise happy, healthy children.

In 2015, Kait founded The Play Projects, an organisation that seeks to provide play-based support to neurodivergent children and their families.

Providing therapeutic services which extend beyond the traditional therapy model, Kait and her team have a wealth of experience in creating outcome-based programs that allow children to reach their individual goals within settings that are familiar to them.

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Hear strategies direct from Kait in this complimentary session designed to empower you with the tools you need to start creating and maintaining routines that work for your family.