Do you get frustrated that your child wont go to bed, or worse…… you finally get them to sleep, then they wake up and don’t want to go back to their own bed? 

We’ll this rewards chart may be just what you need. Giving children choices, a sense of control and positive reinforcement is the key to creating healthy, happy kids.

These bed time and toileting charts are a positive way to encourage MORE of the behaviour your want to see and LESS of the behaviour you don’t.

You can use stickers or colour the stars in to help your child visually track their reward.

I suggest you only use one chart at a time and that you place it in an easy to see location that is just out of reach, like the back of the bedroom/toilet door, or on the fridge.

You can choose to either colour in the stars or use stickers to show how your child is progressing towards their rewards.

Involve them as much as you can in choosing the location, ask them if they want to use colours or stickers, and give them a choice between 2 rewards that you feel are appropriate. The more ownership they take the more success you will have.

NOTE: Be sure to make the rewards motivating for your child and when introducing the rewards chart give them multiple stars per day and a reward in the first day or two so that they get the idea of it. Once they understand its value you can increase the expectations.

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