This Easy-to-Follow Yoga & Mindfulness Program

Helps Kids Develop Strategies For Emotional Regulation, Core Strength Building and Stress Management

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About The Yoga & Mindfulness Program

The specially developed Yoga & Mindfulness OT at Home Program is designed to help children and their supporting adults learn easy techniques for emotional regulation and stress/anxiety relief. Plus, with movement and physicality at the heart of this program, children develop core and hand-strength and enhance gross and fine motor development too.

Children are guided through a series of sequences that relate to our specially created yoga and breathing cards that have been designed and developed by our experienced occupational therapists.

Once they have completed the program, children can then use their newfound knowledge to independently go through their own sequences using their cards whenever they need to.

The Yoga & Mindfulness OT at Home Program:

  • Increases awareness of, and develops language around, the physicality of emotions
  • Focuses on making yoga an easily implementable part of your child's daily routines
  • Provides strategies to work with and move through mental, sensory and environmental stressors
  • Develops motor planning, motor sequencing and enhances gross & fine motor development.
  • Provides yoga moves and sequences for developing core and hand strength

For ages 4-20

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Key Goals & Benefits

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Develop strength, coordination, balance, spatial awareness and flexibility

4 (4)

Increase self-confidence, resilience, and build a positive self-image

5 (5)

Develop strategies for mindfulness, emotional regulation and stress reduction

2 (4)

Explore and connect to body awareness & sensations and develop language for communication around this

3 (4)

Develop motor planning and sequencing skills

Program Inclusions

The Yoga & Mindfulness OT at Home Program has been developed by our experienced occupational therapists with a number of key therapeutic benefits in mind.

So much more than simple yoga and meditation tutorials, this program guides children through a number of yoga and mindfulness-based modules that help them develop executive function, build core strength, improve sequencing and planning skills and develop strategies for emotional regulation.

Designed to provide long-lasting support, upon completion of the program, children will have the skills they need to use these proven strategies to improve their lives on an ongoing basis. 

To support this extensive online program, the Yoga & Mindfulness OT at Home Program comes with:

  • Kids-sized yoga mat, weighted eye mask and weighted lap blanket
  • Yoga cards that allow kids to practice yoga independently
  • Breathing cards to support nervous system regulation
  • Parent instructional guide

*Note: box contents can vary.

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