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Building handwriting skills through
a unique and meaningful brain-body integration process

Creative Handwriting OT at Home Program

Our Creative Brain-Body Approach to Developing Handwriting Skills

The Creative Handwriting program allows children to embrace their creativity while learning and integrating key handwriting skills. With 3 guided modules that cover the entire alphabet, this program is designed to support children in improving their handwriting, fine motor skills, attention to table top tasks, and confidence and self-esteem for learning tasks.

Plus, with its innovative story-telling style, children are guided to develop a meaningful understanding of and connection to letters to improve recognition. And, through a number of creative drawing activities, children get the opportunity to practise the movements that are key to developing strength and skills for handwriting.

This program is currently available on pre-sale. Shipping will begin on 24th February on a first come first serve basis. 

For ages 4-10

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Key Goals & Benefits

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Improve handwriting

4 (4)

Improve confidence and self-esteem for learning tasks

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Improve attention to table top tasks

2 (4)

Improve fine motor skills

3 (4)

Improve strength and control for handwriting skills

OT at Home Program Inclusions

Our OT at Home Programs combine 2 complementary aspects: a toolbox of supportive and adaptive resources and an online guided program.


The Toolbox

Your program toolbox is delivered direct to your door and includes a range of resources to support your child in developing their skills at home in line with the online program.



The Online Program

Our therapist-developed program is delivered via the online platform Teachable. The program contains videos and supporting resources to guide children and their supports through each module series step-by step.


Online Program Modules

Includes over 80 guided instructional videos, taking children through the following curriculum.

Module 1: Form Drawing

Including 7 drawing-based activities, this module allows children to explore free-hand drawing with a focus on developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity of the hand and strengthening hand muscles. This module supports children in improving their ability to compare and contrast forms, shapes and lines, as well as their ability to make connections with the world around them through observation skills.

Module 2: Letter Writing

Module 2 of the Creative Handwriting course was designed to foster children’s imagination, improve hand-eye coordination and build their confidence through a process that encourages meaningful connections to letters. This sequence of learning is delivered in 3 separate activities for each letter of the alphabet that are designed to interrelate with one another.

Module 3: Body Integration

In this module, the learning experience of letter formation is further integrated through body and brain connection. By using the physical body, children have the opportunity to create a lasting memory of each letter through brain-body integration activities. Exploring each letter of the alphabet, this module also develops problem-solving skills and provides an opportunity to also build a trusting connection through play between support person and child.

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What's in the Toolbox?

The Creative Handwriting OT at Home Program comes with a toolbox of resources delivered to your door to help children develop the early strength, skills and knowledge to support their handwriting development:

  • A3 sketch pad
  • HB pencil
  • Neoprene folio to store your handwriting tools in one organised place
  • Faber castell stick crayons
  • A-Z Behaviour Tales ebook by Susan Perrow
  • Facilitator Guide with step by step instructions and detailed guidance to assist all of the child's supports to implement this approach across a variety of settings.

NOTE: Toolbox contents may vary from shown

NDIS Funding for OT at Home

Our OT at Home Programs may be available for purchase with NDIS funds (capacity building or core).

As an NDIS registered provider, we are really mindful of the operational guidelines and reasonable and necessary criteria. We provide Outcome Reports for each of our programs to ensure that participants are measuring and reporting their progress.

The activities included in each toolbox align with evidence-based practice regarding the benefits of learning and skill acquisition through play.

Each activity has been specifically chosen to work on a range of skills to ensure the benefits of the program for a wide audience of participants.

Use the OTAH NDIS Goals Guide to identify which OT At Home Program is suitable to support your child in achieving their goals. 

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