Develop self-confidence in skills for daily living, increase
ability to follow instructions and enhance motor skills with our

Cooking OT at Home Program

About the Cooking OT at Home Program

The Cooking OT at Home Program has been designed by our team of Occupational Therapists to engage children in skill-building while enjoying the process of planning, cooking and eating delicious kitchen creations.

Guiding children through the process of kitchen preparation and making 6 different recipes, this program focuses heavily on planning, organising and sequencing skills.

Plus, the Cooking Program also: 

  • Develops self-confidence in skills for daily living
  • Increases skills and safety when using a knife to cut ingredients
  • Develops measuring knowledge and skills
  • Increases ability to follow instructions
  • Enhances awareness and practices for hygiene in the kitchen
  • Develops executive function including planning, organising and sequencing

For all ages

Cooking Program
Cooking Program 1
Cooking OT Program

Key Goals & Benefits

1 (4)

Develops self-confidence in skills for daily living

4 (4)

Enhances safety and hygiene awareness

5 (5)

Develops executive function including planning, organising and sequencing

2 (4)

Increases ability to follow instructions

3 (4)

Develops self-confidence in skills for daily living

OT at Home Program Inclusions

Our OT at Home Programs combine 2 complementary aspects: a toolbox of supportive and adaptive resources and an online guided program.


The Toolbox

Your program toolbox is delivered direct to your door and includes a range of resources to support your child in developing their skills at home in line with the online program.



The Online Program

Our therapist-developed program is delivered via the online platform Teachable. The program contains videos and supporting resources to guide children and their supports through each module series step-by step.


Online Program Modules

Includes over 10 guided instructional videos, taking children through the following curriculum.

Module 1: Hygiene & Food Safety

Learn the basics of handwashing and food safety before cooking, plus processes for cleaning up and washing the dishes. Develop an understanding of basic knife safety and common cutting techniques.

Module 2: Being a Food Investigator

Explore a process for trying new things by being a “food investigator” using different senses to explore new foods, plus engage in sensory play with food.

Module 3: Let’s Make Breakfast

Practise whisking, shaking and frying supporting large muscle group movements and building endurance.

Module 4: Let’s Make Snacks

Practise mixing, stirring, mashing, pouring and measuring. Great for getting messy, building hand and upper body strength and exploring a variety of foods and textures.

Module 5: Let’s Make a Healthy Platter

Practising cutting skills and encouraging children to make faces, letters, shapes and go wherever their creativity takes them. Supporting the process of touching and feeling a variety of real foods without any pressure to eat it.

Module 6: Extension Recipes

Extending your child's recipe repertoire to different settings (cooking outdoors) and introducing some simple savoury options to explore.



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What's in the Toolbox?

The Cooking OT at Home Program comes with a toolbox of resources delivered to your door to help children develop executive function, daily living and motor skills through the process of preparing 6 different dishes. 

  • Utensils and equipment including measuring cups and baking tray
  • Safety equipment including knife and safety glove and apron
  • Dry ingredients to get you started
  • Recipes and visual instructions to assist with following the online videos and instructions for making 8 different dishes.

NOTE: Toolbox contents may vary from shown

NDIS Funding for OT at Home

Our OT at Home Programs may be available for purchase with NDIS funds (capacity building or core).

As an NDIS registered provider, we are really mindful of the operational guidelines and reasonable and necessary criteria. We provide Outcome Reports for each of our programs to ensure that participants are measuring and reporting their progress.

The activities included in each toolbox align with evidence-based practice regarding the benefits of learning and skill acquisition through play.

Each activity has been specifically chosen to work on a range of skills to ensure the benefits of the program for a wide audience of participants.

Use the OTAH NDIS Goals Guide to identify which OT At Home Program is suitable to support your child in achieving their goals. 

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