Creating a routine when working and learning from home can be really helpful in keeping everyone feeling happy and calm throughout the day.

Something a simple as walking the dog, running around the block, doing some cosmic kids yoga or getting the music on and having a dance to go noodle can help everyones day run more smoothly.

Check out 5 evidenced based benefits of exercise below:

1)    INCREASED ENERGY – You may wonder how exercise can boost energy when you’re using energy to workout. Here’s the thing, exercising is heart healthy. It gets the blood pumping and increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and throughout the body which encourages energy production.

2) MORE FOCUS FOR HOME LEARNING – Increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain also make you feel more alert and focused. Spending a few minutes in the morning getting their heart rate up, kids can improve their ability to concentrate and comprehend the lessons throughout the day.

3) BOOSTED METABOLISM – Metabolism refers to the process our body uses when converting the food we consume into energy. Exercise has been proven to increase metabolism and boost the amount of calories burned, even when your body is resting. The effects exercise has on your metabolism last longer than the time spent exercising. This means, vigorous exercise can keep your metabolism functioning at a high rate for hours after you have stopped moving.

4) BOOST IN MOOD – When you exercise, your brain releases 4 chemicals: endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. Endorphins are sometimes referred to as the “feel good” chemicals of the brain. This is because your brain releases them to protect you from feeling pain when it thinks your body is under stress (eg. when you exercise). So if you are wondering does physical activity improve behaviour, it very well can. When kids spend time getting their adrenaline pumping in the morning, their brains will release more endorphins and create that “feel good” feeling throughout the day. The more often you exercise, the more long term benefits you will see.

5) BETTER SLEEP – Research has proven that exercise does improve the quality of sleep. Researchers are not quite sure how the process works, but they do know that moderate exercise increases the amount of deep sleep you get. This is the sleep stage where your body and brain get a power up. This means your child will wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day.

For more information on creating a routine at your home check out our online learning programs or our How to have happier mornings blog.

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